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1. No swimming or fishing is allowed on the docks 

2. Shoes must be worn at all time; this is for your protection

3. The speed limit in the marina is a no wake zone. This includes the area surrounding the gas dock. 

4. NO SELF-FUELING (jerry jugs) allowed on the docks. This is a fire hazard, and is dangerous for everyone. It is against the Fire Marshall’s regulation, is a serious offense, and may be subject to a fine from the Department of Environmental Protection. If you are caught self-fueling on our docks, you will be asked to leave the Marina without a refund for your dockage 

5. All boats must be covered. If your boat must be pumped because it is taking on a significant amount of water you will be charged 

6. All boats must have appropriate dock line to hold the weight of your boat. If it is not, we will provide a stronger rope at your expense 

7. On weekends, customer may only have ONE car per customer, family members & guests can park at our storage facility and carpool back to the Marina. Please call for any special situations, we will try to work with you the best we can 

8. All customers are required to display a current Gerard’s Marina Parking Sticker; this can be obtained once proof of insurance is given and all balances are cleared 

9. Dogs are welcome but they MUST be on a leash, and their poop must be scooped

10. The outside bathroom is exclusive to Marina customers who dock here 

11. Please do not give this code to anyone. Parents, please take the time to walk your children and guests to the bathroom. Be sure when you are finished that the door is closed tightly behind you

12. Children should not be left unattended. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to be here alone in the evenings 

13. All dock edging must be removed before your boat is pulled out in the fall, otherwise we are not responsible for it 

14. The access ramp is available upon request only; you must contact the office at least 3-days prior before using the ramp 

15. Jet skis are not permitted to be brought in and out of the water on a regular basis (No Exceptions) 

16. At no point can any vehicle block the access ramp; this is extremely important in case of an emergency 

17. No outside service work is allowed; our insurance does not cover this. 

18. We are not responsible for any damage or theft of property on your vehicles or vessel(s) docked at the marina. You must have your own insurance 

This is to be sure that new customers understand our policies, and is a simple reminder for returning customers. They help everything to continue to run smoothly and safely. 


*Note: We will no longer allow on account charges on the gas dock or in the show room due to billing complications. We are sorry for any inconveniences.